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The Gold Bullion Dealer


We are one of the UK's top online bullion dealers. We are based in Birmingham city centre and are at the heart of the world famous Jewellery Quarter.

We launched our site as a way for bullion dealers and investors to trade and purchase bullion online simply and securely at low margins. 

We offer a full range of gold, silver and copper bullion and coins. We are committed to bringing you the lowest prices and the highest quality gold, and we pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices that hard to find anywhere else. As well as offering fully insured delivery we ensure that all of our parcels are discreetly packaged and delivered directly to your door.

If you are just starting your gold investment portfolio and are not sure about how or which products to invest in, please feel free to contact us on 0121 236 0524.

Investment Products

The range of gold investment bars includes small investment gold bars weighing: 1 Gram up to 1 Kilo gold investment bars.
We sell a range of gold bullion and coins including:


  • Sovereigns

  • Half sovereigns

  • Krugerrands

  • Gold pandas

  • £5 coins

  • Double Sovereigns

And a range of silver including:

  • Bullion bars from ½ Troy ounce to a 1 Kilo

  • Investment bar

  • Coins

Additional Services

Investors and Traders can be offered an unallocated metal trading account in Gold or Silver where metal can be held on account and traded in a running market or on the London Fixings which incurs no storage or transfer charge.
Silver investors and gold investors can open an allocated metal account for specific numbered bars to be held at the Company's Secure Facility for a small fee to cover storage and insurance.

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